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What is it?

This website is intended to be a combination of an interative resume for me and a homepage to my projects. If I create a project I think others could use and decide to either give it away or sell it, I will post it here. But while this website is, at the time of writing, intended for these purposes, as the name suggests, it will be my plaground where I will play around with whatever tickles my fancy. Maybe some day I'll write some tutorials and post them, maybe some day I'll post videos of me playing games, maybe I'll take up something else, but whatever I do, it will be here.

What are the features?

The reason why I put this website in the projects section is because it is in itself something I would like to show off. I started it out in quite a hurry so it's a bit messy, missing some features, but it aims to be something along the lines of a CMS and it does so quite well, in areas that are finished. For instance, every page on this website was added through and admin page, given a name, the url that will take the user to it and the content. The content is HTML with one important addition - custom modules.
These custom modules are ASP.NET User controls derived from my BaseModule class. When you add a module to the template, you can add attributes, too. If you're asking what this could be used for, here's an example - you may have noticed that wherever I have an external link on this website, it has a small icon next to it which opens the link in a new window. This would be a pain to write the img tag with it's src and the whole new a tag every time I have an external link, but what I did was create a module that takes a Text and Url parameter and generates the whole ordeal.
So now, when I have an external link, I just write

   [% ExternalLink Text="Link text" Url="http://externalLink" %]

and the module generates the whole external link. Cool, huh?
Apart from this awesome functionality (you don't know how aweome it is until you've tried it :)), I also aim to do as much as I can using AJAX. At the time of writing, that's not much, just the login and logout actions (which have no real use yet as after the AJAX request ends with success I refresh the page), but the plan is to use more AJAX, for instance, to get rid of the page refresh on login and logout and for the rants list I haven't developed yet.
Update on the AJAX part - I'm workig on making the whole page use AJAX with one single move - a library I'm building to AJAXify a website, but that's still far from done.
And another thing I've worked on is the ACL - I've partially (and soon plan to fully) moved from the Levels of security tied to a person to a more robus mechanism where I have security operations defined for every action and then tie those to different security roles which in turn are tied to users. This allows for some easy, yet powerfull access control - I can give any user any set of permissions instead of being in a level x and below. Also, rant categories are close so you will finally be able to filter out only the rants you want and also, I will be able to finally put up rants in categories that only some registered users see - for instance, help for my college colleagues can be in a rant category only visible to them.


As this is an ongoing project, the code will change a lot and I won't always remember to change this download so I've decided to leave the download out to save me a lot of time. Potential employers however are welcome to contact me and I will send the whole deal and happily talk about it, explain why some things are missing from the code, why some things are there, etc.



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