Fireworks updated

by Bikonja, 2012-09-04 19:31 in category General I was bothered by the fact that the fireworks sometimes came out rectangular, and even more so when using a large number of particles, but I was lazy to implement some kind of algorithm to smooth that out from the start. Soon it dawned on me how stupid I was. Instead of specifying a min and max velocity vector which gives a rectangular area for particle positioning, I should have just specified a min and max radius and angle (where angle was ofcourse zero to two PI).
Unfortunately, I didn't have time to fix this embarrassing mistake, but I finally found a few minutes to fix that and now I'm a lot happier with my particle system fireworks. There's still a lot of room for improvement, but since I am verry happy with this one, I give you:

Fireworks V2

I forgot to mention that since this is an XNA app, you have to have the XNA framework 4.0 installed.
Also, the fireworks start automatically when you run the app, but you can also start clicking where you want a firework explosion to appear. Everytime after you click, the next 10 seconds there will be no activity other then where you click, then the automatic fireworks display resumes.
For now, I didn't implement any command line switches for turning off the FPS/#ofParticles display or changing of parameters (fullscreen, screen size, number of particles - min and max, size of explosion min and max, etc.), but if anyone is interested, I can add that, just contact me if you're interested.



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