by Bikonja, 2012-08-19 18:45 in category General I don't know why, but I never tried out XNA until now. Boy, was that a mistake. Downloaded it a few hours ago and tried making a simple particle-system powered fireworks display and I love it!
It's nothing fancy, it's not optimized, but it was so easy to make this firework display app. This particle system has an emitter location, a gravity force, an air resistance/friction force, a texture for the particles and min and max values for particle life time, initial velocity and decay. The particle then has values for those properties in the specified ranges plus a color. It's a nice, object oriented system. As it was just a quick play with XNA, it's not extremely flexible, but it's still great. I believe I've found the technology I'll use for my next game ;) Just have to figure out what my next game will be now :)
If you have any suggestions or comments on either what I should make or the fireworks display, feel free to contact me.



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