Hackquest Regex

by Bikonja, 2014-07-04 23:46 in category Personal I finally cracked the "The Password is Regular" challenge on the Hackquest website!
If you don't know what Hackquest is, it is a website which provides a nice set of challenges for programmers, sys admins, hackers and general all-round smart people. The particular challenge I mention is a JavaScript challenge in which there's client side (JS) validation of the password and you have to figure out the password. Sound easy enough? Think again! The challenge throws a plethora of regular expressions at you and lets you figure out the phrase that matches all of them. I love regexs but for a really long time, this challenge just managed to throw me out of my game (mostly because, to make it formidable, it has parts where you have to use educated guesses because there is not enough info in the regexs themselves). No more, today I sat down and said - you won't put me off anymore, I'll make those educated guesses (the minimal amount I can) and I'll see what pops up and to my great pleasure, I finally solved the challenge - the last challenge left for me in the Javascript category. Now I've got another shiny gem (which you get for finishing all challenges in a category).

If you like logic/programming/hacking/stegano challenges, be sure to visit the website, they have some great challenges on there. I'm not sure if the community is alive and how much, but the site has been running for years without a problem so you can surely play. If you want to find me on the site, you can search for me by my username Bikonja or here's a direct link.

This is my 60th hack on HackQuest, yay! :)

EDIT: I just finished another challenge - a Java applet with a password hash. Got to use C++ after a long time, forgot how great a feeling it is when it just gobbles up anything you throw at it without breaking a sweat :) I actually went to make the code less optimized just to enjoy the speed of C++ :)



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