Plain Sudoku

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What is it?

Plain Sudoku is a Sudoku playing game. It has a large database of Sudoku puzzles and every time you press New game it gives you one of them to solve. It was my entry for a Multimedia Builder competition and it won in it's category.

What are the features?

  • Multilanguage support (currently English and Croatian)
  • Keyboard and mouse input
  • Large puzzle database
  • Save and Load progress
  • Game timer
  • Get hints and solutions to puzzles
  • Print out puzzles in a customizable size
  • Custom skin support *
  • Fool prevention system (notify of errors that are obvious)
  • Custom sound schemes
  • Easter egg(s)
* Skins are not included. On Windows 7, there is a bug where skins don't show in menu so you have to edit the settings file, find the line that says "Default" and change it to the name of your new skin



This game is freeware, meaning that you can play and share it freely, but the source code is not available and you are forbidden from reverse engineering it.


Binary (the files you need to play)
It's been a long time since I actually made this so I don't really know where my source code is, but if you're really interested, contact me and I'll try to find it.



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