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About me

First name:Igor Last name:Loborec Nickname:Bikonja
Date of birth:13.12.1987. Current residency:Zagreb, Croatia Place of birth:Zagreb, Croatia
Occupation:Programmer / Developer Specialty:Web dev in C# Degree:Bachelors in IT

Skills and virtues

  • Great passion for programming
  • Object oriented programming (OOP)
  • Web development (HTML, Javascript/Jquery, ASP.NET, CSS, AJAX/Web services, ...)
  • Database (Microsoft SQL & mySQL)
  • Source control & Issue tracking (Team foundation server - TFS)
  • Always playing around with different technologies

My current employment

I am currently looking for work in Ireland. I have finished my notice period at S&T and I'm ready for great opportunities that await in Ireland. For a CV with much more details on my experience, please contact me.

My other experience

S&T Hrvatska d.o.o.

Apr 2010 - Jul 2016

At S&T I was working as a web developer using C# flavoured ASP.NET, with a side-dish of JavaScript with JQuery on top and Microsoft SQL Server for 6 years. I've been on this position since April 2010 until July 2016. During this time, I've worked on numerous projects where I've gained experience int all aspects of ASP.NET programming, including Javascript, JQuery, AJAX, Web services (asmx and svc).

Personal experience

While I'm advanced in C# ASP.NET (primarily since it's been my job for 6 years), I did gain experience in other fields.

C++ - My biggest C++ experience is the falling blocks game I made for a college class. Apart from that, I've gained some knowledge and experience in C++ from my college class (STL, some MFC), I've modified the Amblone software to better suit my needs and I've played around with the Irrlicht library, although I haven't made an actual project using it (just started getting acquainted with it).

Java - My biggest experience in Java was the Nonogram player/editor I made for a college class. Other then that project and the rest of the class, I've used Java to build an application for my Android phone that lets me turn my Amblone (DIY ambilight) on, off or to other various modes I programmed.

PHP - I started out playing with PHP, building very small scale stuff and setting up phpbb forums and I've started building this website using PHP, but before I could finish it, I started working with C# ASP.NET which made it hard to switch between the two (but I still wanted to use PHP). I decided to try using a PHP framework in the hopes of bridging the huge gap between ASP.NET and PHP so I picked up Code Igniter and started with the application yet again. I ultimately decided it would be a lot better if I just used ASP.NET, but even though I scrapped both the pure PHP and PHP with framework versions, I gained some experience in PHP. I've also setup a Joomla based website for Toyota Club Croatia and programmed modifications to both the website and the Toyota Croatia forum

Visual Basic.NET - Before I've started working in C#, I've already taken interest in the .NET framework, as a means of rapid application development. For this I've used VB.NET and built some applications for myself and an app for my parents' business for writing invoices. It would be worthy to mention that, although my VB.NET experience wasn't all that long, the first real programming I did was in QBasic, waaay back when I was still in elementary school.

Other - I've also tried out some other languages/technologies, but for the most part, it was just a brief encounter, a few tutorials or the like. A worthy mention, however, is Multimedia builder which is technically not a programming language, but it employs it's scripting language along with a design mode akin to design mode for Windows forms applications in Visual Studio. In it, I've even entered and won a competition with my sudoku game.


  • Microsoft Certified Professional Developer (MCPD) - Web Developer 4
    • MCPS: Microsoft Certified Professional
    • MCTS: .NET Framework 4, Web Applications
    • MCTS: .NET Framework 4, Data Access
    • MCTS: .NET Framework 4, Service Communication Applications

My goal

My goal is to become the best programmer I can be, hopefully in game development. Ideally I would like to learn as much as I possibly can about programming video games and use that knowledge to work on titles I would otherwise eagerly await to play. Therefore, I would say that if you're looking for a great programmer to sculpt into a great video game programmer and have the resources to do so, contact me, and don't let the fact I currently live in Croatia stop you.

Why hire me?

While my current knowledge might not be ideal for the position you have open, I am a person who is primarily a programmer, and everything else comes second. For instance, I rarely play a game and don't stop at some point to ponder how a certain aspect of the game was made. I even sometimes think like this in normal life. For instance, while driving to work, I ocasionally think about what I'm doing in my car, how the car is responding, on what surface, in what conditions, etc. and think of how I would implement all of this if I were to make it into a game. I believe this shows how much I love programming or rather, solving logical problems.



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